Wall split system service & check over

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Includes: Full system check over if issue is present, return filter clean and coil deodorised with ClenAir (Proven to kill mould and bacteria), outdoor coil cleaned and cleared of debris, drains checked for blockages and unblocked, all motors and compressors checked. A full detailed report including photos and unit information will be completed.

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  • The service price includes the first 45minutes on site, as that is usually the amount of time it takes roughly to service a unit efficiently. (Except for Inspection and check over fee only which is based on 30 minutes)
  • If something requires the technician to stay onsite for a longer period of time than the normal service / inspection fee, we charge out the technician’s time in 15minute increments of $29. If the technician believes something will take longer than the allocated time for the service/ inspection fee all parties involved are informed of the estimated extra time required.
  • All services are inclusive of a call out fee.
  • If there are multiple units on site, the first two units will be charged at our normal rate and any unit onwards will be charged @ $66.