Haier High Static Ducted

Product Description

High Static Ducted Features and Benefits

10 step adjustments of ESP

ESP can be adjusted by the supplied wired controller YR-E17 or the alternate controller YR-E16. No need to open the electrical box and adjust
the ESP by switch or plug, reducing installation time.

Safety Drain Tray Built In

The 10.5 to 16 kW indoor unit is designed to incorporate two drain trays for condensate removal. The secondary tray is a backup in case the first
one overflows due to a blockage.

20 & 24 kW 2 piece design

The 20 & 24 kW indoor unit can be separated into two manageable pieces to make installation easier. Then can be reassembled back into one piece in
the ceiling.


The 10.5- 16kW indoor unit design was optimised to ensure the compact indoor unit was kept to a maximum of only 550mm. Ideal for 600mm truss spacing of a normal house.


Top, bottom or side panels are removable for servicing and installation (10.5 – 16 kW)

DC Fan Motor

DC motor’s are renown for using less energy than a standard AC motor and being more adjustable for better airflow / static pressure tuning.


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