Carrier Pearl Inverter Hi Wall Split

Product Description

  • Brushless DC inverter motor designed to use electricity efficiently and effectively.
  • Rapid turbo heat and cool function which increases power temporarily to achieve the desired temperature quickly before returning to normal power.
  • Reverse cycle for heating and cooling
  • Hidden display: lights can be turned off when the unit is running

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  • Follow me: the sensor built into the remote controller is active and the air conditioner will regulate the room temperature based on the temperature around the remote controller.
  • Reverse cycle for cooling and heating
  • Louver position memory, the angle of the horizontal louver will automatically move to the same position you set last time it was in use.
  • Self-cleaning removes moisture which can cause mould to form on the indoor unit.
  • Low maintenance and easy to install.
  • Washable Filter
  • 5 year warranty for consumer confidence.
  • Wireless controller.
  • Indoor unit can operate at a lower noise level. This occurs because the outdoor unit will operate at a lower frequency and the indoor unit then shifts to a lower fan speed which results in a quieter operation
  • Ideal for use in both residential and commercial such as aged care, hospitals, hotels, schools and office buildings.
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