What Are the 3 Basic Types of Air-Conditioners?

Room air conditioners– These are designed and sized to cool single rooms, and are installed in windows or through walls. They rely on a fan to blow air throughout the room. Depending on its capacity and the amount of power needed, they can be plugged into standard power outlets or directly into a buildings electrical board.  These are ideal for cooling only a few areas of a home or office.

Central air conditioners– This is a system in which air is cooled or heated at a central location and distributed to several rooms by one or more fans and ducts. If you require air-conditioned air in multiple rooms, this might be a better (and sometimes more cost-effective) option.

Multi-systems– A multi-system can have multiple indoor units all connected to one outdoor unit through a network of piping and branches. They can provide efficient temperature controlling in multiple rooms with no need for ductwork. Power consumption can be reduced through the different operation options available on the controls.